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Determine the feasibility of a partial collector system refurbishment by assessing tank components that most significantly influence labor and equipment costs.

Fixed-Bed Bioreactors
SedVac More Sludge Less Water Small Thumbnail

Find out how fixed-bed bioreactors (FBBR) can serve as an economical, reliable solution for small scale wastewater treatment plants to meet their site-specific treatment goals.

Learn more about our SedVac Sediment Dredge System's capabilities and key features that attribute to its unmatched performance against traditional vacuum pipe systems.

A Deep Dive Into Trickling Filter Media
Application and Process Considerations for Enhanced Solids Settling SMALL

Examining different trickling filter media types to help you determine the best media type for your specific application. When it comes to specifications, we lay out the most important criteria to look for in a product, and manufacturer, to ensure system reliability for years to come.

Learn about the most important factors that contribute to an efficient sedimentation process - from enhanced settling theory to tube settler area sizing, key design parameters, and application differences.

Selecting the Right Flight Scraper for Your Rectangular Clarifier
Strength Matters: Indicators of Strength in Tube Settler Systems

Evaluating various scraper profile options and discussing key considerations you should keep in mind when selecting the best solution for your application.

Find out what makes Brentwood tube settlers the strongest on the market and how its design results in cost savings for your project.

TF Fundamentals Thumbnail SMALL

Reviewing key components, design features, and the history behind trickling filter systems that reveal why they have been the workhorse of the wastewater treatment industry for over 100 years - a trend that will continue into the future.

Reviewing various attached growth systems commonly used in secondary wastewater treatment.